Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How are your goals for 2009?

pen and ink drawing of iris

Here’s an iris from the bunch I treated myself to last week. It’s so nice to have fresh flowers in the house!

The flower book is nearing completion….I need 11 more drawings for it to be done. I hope to do 3 more this week, so that would put me at under 10 to go.

Do you realize what next week is? Next week is the end of the first quarter of 2009. It is amazing how time flies…weren’t we just reading about inauguration day?  Back then a bunch of us were making plans and goals for the year. So the question becomes: are you one quarter of the way through your goals for the year?

I have stopped my practice of posting my monthly goals and reviewing them, but I am still making that monthly list (it’s posted above the laptop on the corkboard). I’ve even added weekly goals to the mix (which is a huge help for me!) So, to answer my own question, yes, I am a quarter of the way through my goals. I am even coming close to achieving one of my dreams for the year.

If you are looking for some spark in meeting your goals, here are a few resources:

  1. Blogging – are you looking to “improve” your blog? Darren Rowse is holding another of his 31 days to a better blog programs. This year he is having a signup. I have signed up, I’m sure that not all of it will be relevant to me, but I’d like the chance to be prodded about a few things.
  2. Motivation – Teresa Mallen has a great series going at the moment, Motivation Mondays. She has some really good ideas.
  3. Unplug – Is the online world crowding out your creativity? I recently tried an “unplug” and it really did help. I wasn’t entirely offline, but I cut way back and didn’t expect myself to do anything, it restored some peace and sanity.
  4. Remember -  Remember why you set the goals you did. What was it really that you were trying to achieve – some feeling, some status, some completion? Remember why and it might help with the doing.
  5. Dream – Dream some big dreams out on paper. Maybe you have something you want to do but it just seems too far to reach? Write that dream out. What would be the step before that? And the step before that? Back to today. (Or, in the reverse if it’s easier, what are you achieving today that gets you a step in the dream direction? What’s the next step beyond that?)


Jo Castillo said...

The line sketches are so cool. Great gesture. Congratulations on your goals. You are doing well!

Jennifer Rose said...

time is flying! you are doing really well :)

the only goal I had was to apply to Uni and then maybe get in. Did half of that, so I don't think I'm doing to bad. Now to just focus more on my business :p

Teresa Mallen said...

Congratulations Rose on being 1/4 of the way through your goals, not to mention making 'dream' progress!

Thank you for your very kind mention of my Motivation Monday series. I appreciate your support.

I agree that we need to unplug now and again. Of course this Motivation Monday gal is a very big fan of dreaming big dreams! :-) Thanks Rose for inspiring us with your dedicated goal setting.