Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Good Book

pen and ink drawing of Indian Hawthorne blossoms

Another sketch in my flower book. This time from my Indian Hawthorne bushes out front. One of the lovely things about spring…my yard bursts into life…beautiful purple blooms on the phlox along the ground, beautiful white blooms on the Indian Hawthorne bushes above them.

Picked up a another good book this weekend, Watercolor Painting Step by Step by Arthur Guptill. I don’t even paint with watercolors…but I do with acrylic inks which are similar. I really bought the book because I know how thorough he is. I learned so much about pen and ink from him, I just know he is going to teach me how to truly wield a brush successfully.

Of course, I have blown my little rule of not purchasing a new book until I had read the stack I already have (one of my goals for the year). I’ve finished 3 of those books – not bad for being in the 3rd month of the year, except that I have the new Guptill book, another new book on brushwork, and two more (one painting, one drawing) that I am hoping to get for my impending birthday. I need to get reading!


Jo Castillo said...

Rose, your sketches are so lovely. Good luck on your reading. I rely on you for my studying. I really need to watch your brushstrokes.

Teresa said...

Ah.... I've tried that approach myself (no more new books until I read the ones I have) and like you, I recently bought a new book!

Let me know if they find a cure for people like us anytime soon.

Rose Welty said...

Jo, thanks, I really do appreciate that. I love blogging about what I read...it's the only way I remember it!

Teresa, even if they got rid of Amazon and Half Price Books, I'd still find a way...I married a book lover too, that helps! :D