Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Ten To Dos for 2009

Delicate Beauty,
7in x 5in,
open acrylic on Gessobord

(Purchasing information to follow.)

On Friday, I posted my general plan for 2009. Today I am going to flesh it out a bit with my top ten "to dos" for the year.

I will still be doing my monthly goals. They will be drawn from this list and anything else that comes up. At the end of each item, I'll name the area of investment it's attached to. This list of ten gives me some measurable goals to achieve, without overwhelming myself. If I finish all ten early on in the year, I'll add to it! :D

Top Ten To Dos for 2009
  1. 50 Paintings - Fairly straight forward, I'd like to average one painting a week. They need not all be finished to the same degree. The idea here is to be painting frequently. Reading about painting only gets you so far. (painting)
  2. 100 Sketches - Sketching is a joy for me and so I put this in here as an easy goal. (drawing)
  3. 10 Drawings - These are more polished drawings than a sketch. I imagine that most of these will be my VSD entries. (drawing)
  4. Create Business Images - This year I want to expand my image manipulation skills - both so that I can create references for myself and so that I can design my business images. So, I will be scheduling time with PS Elements and my new camera. "Get better" isn't a good goal, I'll choose to create new business images (a measurable goal). (business)
  5. Make prints and/or cards available. (business)
  6. Writing project - I hope this comes through. If not, I'll replace this item with a similar writing goal. (writing)
  7. Complete my book list - I have an embarrassingly big stack of books on my night table of books half finished. I'd like to finish them before I start any new books. They are: Capturing Radiant Light and Color, Practice and Science of Drawing, Oil Painting Techniques and Materials, Portraits from Life, Paint People in Acrylics, Art of Pencil Drawing. Other possible additions to this list are Elements of Drawing and Creative Perspective for Artists and Illustrators. (drawing, painting)
  8. Make X dollars from my artwork - a measurable goal. (business)
  9. Marketing Advancement - If I'm going to sell online, I need to know how to do it well. So, some sort of advancement is in order. I need to do some SEO work (labels and image tags). Also, I'd like to give Twitter and Facebook a go. (business)
  10. Do 12 portraits - this is the item for my portrait group. I've emailed around a few folks and gathered a great group of people to do some portraits with this year. We'll work once a month from the same reference and then offer critiques for each other. The blog is private because we think that will help with the critiquing. We are keeping the group small. (drawing, painting)


Jo Castillo said...

Boy, Rose, ambitious, but doable! You are an inspiration to us unorganized bums/artists. :)

Valerie Jones said...

I agree with Jo....ambitious and an inspiration!!! Best of everything to you!

adebanji said...

Interesting! Good, helps me know where I am going!

Teresa said...

Following your lead, I actually took time this morning to simply think about art, what I wanted to accomplish, and what I needed to do in order to get there. Result: One "Goals for 2009" list! Hooray! At least I'm getting started getting organized - even though I probably fit better in the "unorganized bums/artists" category that Jo mentioned. Good work Rose! Keep inspiring us!

Rose Welty said...

Thanks are all such an encouragement. It really helps me with the goals to know that others are reading and will notice if I don't do what I said.

I'm just a planner...I'm not that good at being spontaneous, if spontaneous works for you, go with it. I've just always had to have definite ideas about where I'm headed or I go nowhere.

Jeanette said...

The list is ambitious, but you have a year to achieve it also and I'm sure you'll do well.

Spontaneous has a place in plans as well. I fit it in as long as it doesn't knock my original plans offline but enhances them or is an opportunity too good to pass up.

Robyn said...

Wonderful painting of the lily, Rose! Your flowers just go from strength to strength. Congratulations.

Your list is great, very mature. I'm sure you'll achieve what you want to.

And to see the Christmas photo of your little sons was gorgeous.