Friday, November 23, 2012

Using Your Non-dominant Hand

Do you ever try using your non dominant hand?

It's a regularly suggested exercise in drawing and creativity books. Often, when I'm working away, I get the urge to use my left hand, I'm not sure why.

Recently, I did some practicing with my left hand to build dexterity, you see the results above.

As I am not as practised using it, it's a bit like adding a "wild" element to my work - it seems to bring in new things. And I'm enjoying that - as I mentioned that I am using my left hand more often now that I work standing up.

In the lower right hand corner you can see the comparison between my dominant hand (the red block) and my non-dominant hand (the black block and the other red ones). I'm surprised that the shading is near comparable, only the control around the edges is much of a difference. Of course, I did all of those edge control exercises Guptill recommends...perhaps if I did them with my left hand...hmm :-)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

well done :)

i'm trying to use my left hand more since when the MS plays up it usually makes my right hand go dead, so figured i should teach myself to draw with my left just in case i ever lose all the feeling in my right

Rose Welty said...

I did think of you Jen when I was writing this post. I think it's smart for anybody who does repetitive tasks with their hands/arms - it halves the load, which has to help.

We'll have to keep encouraging each other in practicing!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

it does help a lot to switch hands. even when you go back to using your strong hand, it does show in your art thata you are trying new things