Monday, November 26, 2012

NaNoDrawMo - in January?

Out my studio window in mid-November

I've always thought NaNoWriMo was a great idea - a challenge to write 50,000 words in a month - to encourage would-be writers to just do it so the rest of us can read it.

I've even thought there should be such a thing for the visual arts - and apparently there is! A NaNoDrawMo group on Flickr - people who challenge themselves to do 50 drawings in 30 days.

I'm seriously considering doing something like that, but November and December don't work for me. So I am thinking about doing my own "50 drawings in 30 days" challenge in January. Anybody interested in joining me?


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i would love to, but i am so busy with college i dont think i could get that many drawings done :/

Rose Welty said...

Yes, Jen, it is alot - most days it would be more than one per day. I'm thinking about how I might adjust it - the original idea is sounding a bit too daunting or at least not what I would intend to achieve for the time spent.

maggie said...

I think one drawing a day would be a challenge for me. But I could certainly try in January. Would there be a size limit?

Rose Welty said...

Hi Maggie! There wouldn't be a size limit - whatever fits what you would want to get out of it. State your goal and what you hope to achieve and go for it - I'm not even going to be picky about dates. :-)