Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thinking Ahead

Spring Cherry Blossoms
7in x 5in
Colored Pencil on Stonehenge
copyright Rose Welty

Somehow this time of year I always start thinking about next year - and all the things I'd like to get done in that bright shiny new year! Of course, I rarely get everything done in the year and many times I change the goal posts - but I always look forward to what new directions I want to take.

I did some brainstorming this past week - a few hours later it occurred to me that there are a few kinks to work out with what I want to achieve - but I have plenty of time to resolve those issues. One of my goals will definitely be to work larger on a more regular basis, I'm already starting that goal and have something in the works. I am working on that larger piece this week, but I'm not quite ready to show it. So I thought I'd show you an earlier change of season piece - those blossoms were overtaken by leaves and now those leaves are falling to the ground.

For my American readers, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

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