Friday, November 18, 2011

From a Few to a Flood

Found these leaves on the path during a walk I took in October. Today the ground is littered with leaves! The boys and I raked up leaves for an hour the other day - needs to be done again soon. Everything was covered with a frost this morning - everyone bundled up for the bus stop without complaint!

My neighbor predicts that we might have lots of snow this year, we'll see.

Enjoy your weekend!


Jennifer Rose said...

no snow here, i dont even know if there is any in the mountains, will have to look tomorrow
dont miss raking leaves lol miss the colour tho :)

Rose Welty said...

We'll see about the snow for us, we had some last year, but not much-maybe two storms where the snow stuck around. Raking is fun the first few times... :-)

Thanks Jen for stopping by!