Saturday, December 4, 2010

Something to Warm You on A Cold Afternoon

Portrait of the Artist's Son
approx 7 in x 7in
colored pencil on Mi-Teintes paper
copyright Rose Welty
It's snowing here in North Carolina today. My sons have been out playing in the woods - they are now wrapped up in blankets and awaiting hot cocoa.

I enjoyed my adventure with this bold and brassy red-earth support. Now what should be my next adventure? Sure to be fun, whatever it is. Hope you'll join me!

For those that haven't heard, I've added some of my most popular images to the card and print shop - just click on the little slideshow in the sidebar and have a browse of the shop. We both can have a merrier Christmas that way. :D


kay susan said...

Such a warm, lively portrait. What a good effect you got from this support! Love it.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks! Colored paper adds such an element - unifies it and strengthens the color.