Thursday, December 9, 2010

Studio Reorganization

That just makes me happy to look at - although I need to decorate those cardboard boxes

 I noticed while doing my last piece that I had trouble finding certain colored pencils - or if I did find it, I discovered I had just one small nib left. Clearly, some reorganization was in order.
I feel like I have a studio in the woods, with all the conveniences of the city nearby

So, this week I tackled it. Monday I hauled out all of my pencils, from their various tins, cups, and drawers. I sorted them by color while watching the Cowboy game. Tuesday I cleared off the desk and sorted through the piles on the bookshelf (well, at least I merged them all into one gigantic "to file" pile.) Wednesday I happened by some pint-size wide-mouth canning jars. So Wednesday afternoon, I put all of the sorted pencils into cups (and decided to keep the handy cardboard boxes) and recommissioned a shelf from upstairs. So, broken into small chunks, it didn't take me long to do.
One trick to reorganization - leave space, you'll always need it

My favorite parts?

  • the snazzy color display - even the family commented that they really like how the studio looked.
  • a drawer dedicated to sharpeners
  • a drawer dedicated to erasers
  • I know what's in my drawers
  • a shelf dedicated to books and research (this is where my clutter usually begins, so hopefully I can corral it to one shelf.)
  • for now, I know what I have and where it is
Dedicated Shelves, top down: home papers, research, sketchbooks and recent work, colored paper and vellum, less-used supports and practice paper
One other recent change I have made in the studio - I now listen to history podcasts while I draw. This has made an amazing change in my work habits. I love to research - so I can always find something more to google and discover. In the past, I have been unable to silence that little voice in my head which prompts me to go find something out. Now, if I just turn on a podcast and start listening I am able to distract the voice enough that I can focus on my drawing. It sounds rather silly when I write it out, but honestly, I have been much more consistent in meeting my production goals because of this change.


Robyn said...

There are few things that make me feel more creative than organising my work space. Yours looks splendid, Rose. Happy drawing!

I too like to listen factual podcasts while I paint/draw.

Rose Welty said...

I agree Robyn! All in time for the new year... :D

Glad to hear that I am not the only one! The "experts" always say that you need to shut off words to be creative, but I don't seem to work that way.

Valerie Jones said...

The pencils are gorgeous in the jars! I'm jealous of your studio space. Mine gets packed up and put in the garage after a drawing session.

I like your idea of listening to podcasts to quiet that inner voice!

Rose Welty said...

That's a shame Valerie - maybe you could try a bag that will hold your pencils - like a portable studio (I did look into some fishing tackle boxes that looked promising.

The whole family loved your card. My budding artist was VERY impressed, as I was.