Thursday, April 2, 2009

Series on Empty Easel

Today the third installment in my series on getting an art education cheaply  is available on Empty Easel.

The other articles I have on Empty Easel:

  1. A Free Art Education Online – Is it Possible? (First in the series)
  2. The Big List of Drawing Resources (Second in the series)
  3. A Call to Artists Everywhere: Stop Dreaming and Start Doing


Stacy said...

Rose, thanks for giving the links here. I had missed the second one in your series. I look forward to reading them all.

Ann said...

These are terrific articles Rose. Thanks for sharing!

Teresa said...

Read all three of your articles on Empty did a wonderful job! Thank you for the info and all the great links you provided (which I'll be checking out).

Jennifer Rose said...

I missed the second one as well. Thank you for posting them :)

Rose Welty said...

Thanks everyone!

Jo Castillo said...

Rose, great writing. We will all learn from your research and insight. Thank you so much.