Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Five Useful Links on Color and Design

pen and ink flower drawing

Another page in the flower book.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my thoughts about switching blogging platforms. I am still thinking through things. I will let you know what decisions I make in the end.

In the meantime, I have been doing lots of reading about designs and logos. Thought I’d share a few links I’ve found helpful:

  1. colorschemedesigner.com – you pick a color, they’ll give you back a complementary scheme or a triad scheme or a monochromatic scheme…you get the idea. Very useful!
  2. colourlovers.com – this is a fun site where people upload and rate color palettes. It gave me some ideas about color in design – and what people find appealing.
  3. Seth Godin Squidoo page on web design – about a gazillion resources listed, books first then some sites. It certainly was an encouragement to me that I could educate myself at least a little bit!
  4. Grantasticdesigns.com – lots of basic information on several topics of web design
  5. About.com: Graphic Design – plenty to read on different topics!

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