Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Challenge Can Lead to New Inspiration


Another page in the flower book

Recently I mentioned that I was joining Problogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge. When he did this two years ago I read through all the posts, so why did I decide to do it again?

More importantly, why should you give yourself a challenge about blog writing?

  1. None of us is perfect – everyone, even Problogger himself could stand to improve. It’s a bit like communication in marriage, one can always work on it :D.
  2. Breathes new life – asking critical questions of your blog can lead to new ideas.
  3. Refocuses purpose – do you remember why you started your blog? What is your aim? Are your latest posts in line with that purpose?
  4. Encourages – in some of the areas we’ll be looking at you’ll find that you are doing really well – and it’s always nice to be reminded that are doing well.

And, is it working so far? (This is day two.)

  1. Improving? Yes, I have been thinking about some improvements lately and this whole process is confirming to me that I need to make the improvements. (Watch this space – there are a few changes ahead, they will be better for you and better for me, I promise. :D)
  2. New Life? Yes, I’ve had a few post ideas lately that I didn’t think were all that great – today, I read the challenge and this post has written itself! (Today’s challenge was to write a list post.)
  3. Purpose? I have never defined my exact purposes for this blog, it felt really good to do so. A friend of mine who is doing the challenge found this part very helpful!
  4. Encourages? Yes, it feels really good to understand that how important this blog is to me and why it is so important to my business.

So, if you haven’t  done some critical thinking about your blog lately, I’d suggest you do. You can join the challenge, or not. You can get special emails about it, or just read the posts. Personally, I hope to only take about 10 minutes a day to work on it (at least sitting in front of the computer for only 10 minutes), thinking may occur at other times. :D

Don’t wait for the day when you are willing to devote 3 hours to your blog instead of your art – not going to happen! Ten minutes spent improving your blog is better than zero minutes!


Jo Castillo said...

The flower sketch is super. It is nice that you are always striving to improve .. art, writing, and in all ways! Congrats....

Jennifer Rose said...

I decided to participate in this today to :) should be really helpful. thanks for writing about it in your blog.
*off to wrote list* (which is turning out to be harder then I thought :p)

Rose Welty said...

Jo, you are sweet...I'll always be in need of improvement...it's one of the things I love about art.

Jennifer, glad you are participating and thanks for the feedback!

Julie Oakley said...

I followed the link and I must say I'd much rather read your blog than Problogger's blog. Yours is interesting, beautifully illustrated, personal and has no advertisements. I'm sure there's something one can learn from such a tedious business blog, but I'm blowed if I can get past the intense irritation I feel seeing all the sponsor ads flashing away.

Rose Welty said...

Julie, what an encouraging comment! thanks! I agree that his site is overbusy. That is actually a trend with people who want to make money from blogging - they all turn to ads. While I am a blogger, I am not selling my blog or other people's products. My blog is a way for people to get to know me as an artist and for me to get involved in the art community. Because I am an artist selling my work there are ways to purchase my art on the blog, but the blog itself is not a money maker.