Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The more I paint, the more I want to experiment with drawing...that is, when I do take up a sketch, I want to try something different. Lately, this has been holding my pencil differently, not in the traditional writing stance. The above sketch was done with the side of the pencil, holding the pencil with my fingertips only.

This is a difficult hold to master...I couldn't find my usual control, however I think there is real potential there. It allows for quick coverage of areas, a great variety of value, and expressive marking.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Somebody commented to me once that I hold my pencil like you would a brush. Which I'd never really thought about but I guess I do.

I think forgetting that a pencil can be used for writing is a really good idea if you want to loosen up and become more "painterly" in your approach to drawing and sketching.

Jo Castillo said...

Rose, a lovely sketch and I think you are right about holding it differently. Great idea.

Stacy said...

Rose I like your sketch and I love the changes to your blog layout!! It looks very nice and makes things easy to find. You've been busy.