Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Knights, Feedburner, and Facebook

This was the study of the chess knights that I did before my study in acrylics.

It is useful for me to draw in graphite first...value study, compositional arrangement tweaking, and to get a sense for the edges. It made it easier to begin with the brush without a drawing underneath. (You will see I got rid of the third piece - I had wanted it "fuzzy" but actually it doesn't make much sense to have it so out of focus and so close to the knights.)

Katherine wrote a post on transferring your feeds from Feedburner to Google. I hadn't realized that it was mandatory. Essentially, when you get an offer to move your feeds (at the top of the feedburner page with your feeds), you need to do it. I checked and mine was "available" to move. I clicked a few buttons and that was it. You definitely need to check into this if you use Feedburner and don't fear, it doesn't seem a big deal.

As I've begun my adventure into social marketing and networking, I built a business page on Facebook. Even non-Facebook people can view it, one of the many reasons to have one. More on that in my upcoming review...

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Stacy said...

Rose, I enjoy seeing the prep work that people do before starting the final project. Thanks for sharing.

I still have to transfer my feeds. Not sure what I am waiting for, but I haven't felt like tackling it even though Katherine said it is easy. Maybe tomorrow...

And my sister is after me to get on Facebook. I'm not sure I need another computer distraction to keep me from painting. But my resolve is weakening.