Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Broadstroke on Stonehenge

Cosmos, graphite on Stonehenge paper, 9in x12in,
work in progress

This post is about using broadstroke pencil technique (used by Ted Kautzky and Ernest Watson) on Stonehenge paper.

Recently, I did a sketch of some cosmos that made me wonder whether I could get a nice effect with broadstroke technique on Stonehenge paper. Above you see the beginnings of my first trial run. Below is a run-down of my thoughts.

Broadstroke on Stonehenge:
  • Broadstroke does get a nice smooth effect on Stonehenge paper. Although, I wish that I had remembered to flip the paper over, as I think I prefer the back side.
  • Technique is clearly paramount when using broadstroke, I will still have to work on getting an even effect in large areas.
  • This was done with a 6B lead. I'd really like to get a 9B in my next supply order, as I think it would be easier to get the darks that I am looking for.
  • The effect of broadstroke on smooth paper is effective for flowers - it gives them a nice delicacy.

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Valerie Jones said...

I've been wondering how graphite works on Stonehenge. Thanks for the review! It's looking nice!