Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two Week Progress Report

Pitcher, Pepper, and Vase
oil on 12in x9in stretched canvas

Here's the next installment in my oil painting adventure. (Sorry for the poor photo - just leave no room for photography sessions.)

Here's a progress report:
  • good - I'm meeting my original goal of three paintings a week. I've had my oil paints exactly two weeks-I have done six paintings (on 9in x 12in canvas). I have also done a set of color/value charts for my two limited palettes.
  • good - I've tried a few ways of underpainting.
  • good - I'm making (slow) progress in driving the color horse and the value horse at the same time. I was very pleased to look at my charts, decide what colors I wanted to use, and then produce them!
  • good - I have a better understanding of what a brush can do.
  • good - I'm getting preferences with my brushes and a better sense of when to use what.
  • needs work - color, still haven't done one where I liked the colors together.
  • needs work - values, still have work there.
  • needs work - subjects, still have work here. So far the subjects that have called out to me have been beyond my reach.


Michael said...

Hi Rose,

You appear to be developing a style that incorporates blocks of color and blocks of values using large bold brush strokes. It is reminiscent of cubism. I like what you are doing with it a great deal.

As far as having issue with colors and values, I think the colors are fine. The values could use a little more contrast if that is what you are going for. If I were to redo the painting that you have done here, the only thing I would do is use more saturation of color. It is too desaturated for my taste.

But, that is just me. I know others that would fall in love with this painting and for good reason. It is a remarkable piece.

Susan Carlin said...

Interesting way to take stock of your progress and reporting where you stand. I'm coming up on the end of my month and have been trying to think of how to account for my progress.
I shared your 3 part posts on why artists need a blog with my blog workshop attenders on Saturday. Thank you again for your generosity!