Friday, June 6, 2008

Wildflowers on the Journey

5 in x 7 in on Stonehenge paper

Here's the latest installment in my journey with colored pencils. Again, I used ink as a wash on the Stonehenge paper. Again, I used a side stroke with the pencils. This time I was a softer touch and also incorporated a more conventional stroke.

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting, emailing, and helping me with this project. I truly appreciate your help. Your advice is all good and your friendship and kindness means even more!

Have a good weekend!


Jennifer Rose said...

very soft and pretty :) lovely colours

I think the softer touch looks better than previous attempts with side strokes. but that might just be be because of the lighter colours.

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Rose! Are you working on a series? Did I miss your plan for these small florals?

Rose Welty said...

Jennifer, thanks. I agree, a softer touch is better and I think the lighter colors work better with a side stroke.

Susan, thanks for stopping by. There isn't a master plan for these. These are just part of the "learn-something-a-day" project. I've fallen in love with flowers, so they are featuring prominently. (The small bit just helps to be able to get them done in a short time.)

Jo Castillo said...

Rose, very nice job on these. Have you ever used the pencils with no wood? I don't remember the name, pencil sticks?? Sort of like hard pastels. I may get some of those.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Jo. I think you mean the Prismacolor Art Stix? I have one, a free sample. I have been meaning to have a go with it. I don't know how that would go on pastelbord though. Paper, yes, but I'm not sure about the sanded surface.