Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thoughts on Side Stroking and One a Day

Here's another test in colored pencils. I used the side stroke again on the rose. The background was the side stroke and then "smudging" with a cotton ball. The paper is Stonehenge with a watered-down red ink wash (so it was pink).

The side stroke gave a nice texture to the rose petals. The side stroke (with smudging) was clearly not a good way to quickly put in a background.

I'm not sure if I will continue the "one a day" project. It has been beneficial, but it may be time to now go back and work properly and incorporate what I've learned.

About sidestroke I've learned:
  • Side stroking your pencil works best on a smooth paper, say like Stonehenge or drafting film. (Someone did suggest I try some Arches HP as it is a harder surface - and I will on the next supply binge. :-)
  • Side stroking can create a fabulous smooth texture.
  • It is not a way to quickly fill-in an area.
  • Light pressure on a colored background also works best with this technique.
All in all, side stroking is not something you can use all of the time, but it is a handy little tool to have in the belt!

As for "one a day":
  • Fabulous way to break up the monotony of large, slow piece after large, slow piece.
  • Really fun way to let yourself play around with ideas - not being worried about the result.
  • It's also nice to have a time limit in mind (say an hour) and just stop and evaluate at that point, not having to worry about refining or fixing what has gone terribly wrong.
  • I don't think my life can really support that kind of output on a regular basis, particularly not with CPs, but it was really fun for a time.

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Valerie Jones said...

Way to go, Rose! Sounds like you had fun with the one-a-day paintings!!