Friday, May 30, 2008

Digital Mums and Goals Review

I've been playing around with the digital tablet again...the completely erasable fun can it get?

The green flower is a spider mum, I think the purple ones are just regular mums.

May Goals Review (as listed here)

  • Update website - done
  • New work - progressing
  • Sort out my filing system - done
  • Backup Routine - in place and functioning
  • Applied research - did lots of digital exploration
  • Reading - done
  • Sketches for the new work - done and to client
  • Brush and ink experiments - did several
  • Sketching on the spot - yes, some of the family and neighborhood done
  • Virtual Sketch Date - loved it!
  • My Day challenge - did not do (I did attempt it a few times, not my strength!)
  • CP piece - did one and started another

June Goals

  • Update website
  • Update blogroll and "about me" sections of blog
  • New work - meet with client and continue progress
  • Continue reading, especially on botanical illustration
  • Work for client
  • Continue ink experiments
  • Continue digital experiments
  • Virtual Sketch Date (June 13th is the next one!)
This month is fairly light goal-wise - to make way for summer fun!

Thanks for enduring my little monthly goal reviews, it does help keep me motivated and focused.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


"JeanneG" said...

Vacation where?

Rose Welty said...

Jeanne, my art is a vacation...I'm not very good at doing nothing!