Friday, May 2, 2008

April Goals Review and May Goals

This is a review of how I met my goals in April and a look ahead to May.

April Goals:
  • finish still life commission - done with good results!
  • update website - done and to be done again in a few days.
  • Taschen book - didn't read another page
  • another book - didn't find one
  • Degas reading - did finish book on Degas in New Orleans
  • Mendelowitz book - did a few more pages
  • Sketching people - happened a few times, not enough to be effective
  • CP sketching - yes, this happened
  • Digital sketching - yes, this happened
A Look to May:
  • Update website
  • New work (more on that later)
  • Sort out my filing system - with the new computer, I might as well organize the areas that have fallen into disarray. Oh, and get a backup routine running smoothly.
  • Applied research this month - I am hoping to accomplish the "new work" stated above digitally. Therefore, I am going to be spending my research time this month getting good and comfortable with my tablet and PS Elements.
  • There will also be reading, perhaps some reading on drawing the figure.
  • Sketches for the "new work"
  • Brush and ink experiments - one from the photo above, clippings from my garden.
  • Sketching on the spot, hopefully people
  • Virtual Sketch Date
  • My Day challenge - possibly
  • I'd like to do a CP piece, but I'm not confident enough that there will be time to do one, so it's a maybe.
That's how my month is shaping up, how about yours?

Have a good weekend everyone!


Jo Castillo said...

I envy your work ethic. I just seem to go with the flow and therefore don't accomplish more than the "have to get done" things. Sigh...

Good work, Rose.

"JeanneG" said...

Me too. If I make plans, they fall thru. I do try to go plein air each Wednesday with my group. Other than that, whatever happens, happens.

Rose Welty said...

Jo and Jeanne, both of you get plenty done! I just function better knowing what I want done next, otherwise I tend to drag my feet and not use the time that I should. :D

Thanks for the sweet encouragement.

Valerie Jones said...

Good luck on your goals!! I envy you too!