Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monet Speedlink Summary and Plans

My study of Monet has run over two months. The Fineline Artists who are participating in the Monet project are picking him up again in November, having taken a break for October. I'll be busy with family visiting during November so I won't be posting as much - this is why I carried on with Monet in October. All that to say, here's a summary of what I have done with Monet and what I plan to do.

So far:

Yet to look at (time permitting):
  • portrait of Monet
  • deeper look at his painting techniques and their applications to CPs
  • perhaps a copy of one of his works
I apologize for being imageless today...I've got a WIP, but you wouldn't be able to see anything it's at such a preliminary stage. I'll post it as soon as there's something to see. Today is my first parent/teacher conference, so my art time will be cut a little short.

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Katherine said...

Rose - I've got so much to catch up on that I haven't the energy to do Monet in November. He deserves me feeling a lot more fresh than I do right now - so I'll be picking him up in the New Year.

I'm currently pondering on who to do for December..........