Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Funnies

I still haven't given up my idea of doing something with the poplar trees in my backyard. I suppose because they will soon be without leaves and it will all grow a little desolate looking out there! Yesterday I had a quick 15 minutes while supervising children and making dinner, so I did this little sketch through the window. (Sorry about the photo - not my morning for technology! ;-)

Onto the funnies...I read this little story about Monet the other night. In 1889, he began painting a rocky hillside in the valley of the Creuse in winter. These works (here is one, the blurb mentions this story) were all about the forbidding mood of winter. Trouble was, he didn't finish until May. So, being ever authentic, he hired two gardeners to pull the leaves off of the budding oak tree during the spring, while he finished painting the series. His comment: "Isn't it just too much to be finishing a winter landscape at this time of year?" (House, Monet: Nature Into Art, p.25)

I guess Monet was human after all...hey, wait a minute, I could hire a couple of workmen to paste the leaves back on my poplars while I work on this idea through the fall and winter! :D


Katherine said...

That is so funny! I get the feeling he was sometimes better attuned to time of day then seasons.

Rose Welty said...

It is a funny story...I mean surely the light was different in the spring than the winter? I wouldn't have thought that the leaves were the biggest issue.