Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Master of the Month: Monet

This month's FineLine Artists' master is Claude Monet. Above are two sketches done from a photo printed in a book. The first I did with pencil. The second, in the spirit of Jo Castillo, I did without a pencil outline. They are in my rapidly filling Moleskine! Not great sketches, but a fun start to what I hope will be a month of learning.

Here are a few starters on Monet:
His palette
Biography - and a search feature for seeing some of his works
A fun little article on his work and where to discover an unknown Monet

Here's what my local library had on Monet:
The Essential Claude Monet by Catherine Morris
Essential Monet by Vanessa Potts
River of Light: Monet's Impressions of the Seine by Douglas Skeggs

Katherine posted several links to books and sites this morning. She's a Monet expert, so I'll definitely check them out!

I actually know very little about Monet, so it should be a fun month for me! So far, I like that everything I have consulted says that he worked very hard to be successful! That first book is a very quick read, hopefully I'll have a review for you tomorrow.


Belinda Lindhardt said...

oooh nice Rose..i think i will get involved this month (after this week) i visited his gardens in france when i was younger ... :) so i am keen on this one :)

woot !

Rose Welty said...

Yeah! Love to have you in on it Belinda. Sounds like they may have lots of participants this time. Seems like everyone has been to those gardens apart from me! I must work on that. :-)

Katherine said...

Good to have you both along for the ride!

I found my photos from Giverny yesterday!