Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Little More Progress

Last night I was able to squeeze in only a few minutes. I'm still working on regaining control of the house and yard after my little vacation. But, I must mention progress on a goal previously announced. My landscape goal for this year was to regain ground for the grass in my yard - it had been stolen by a rebel weed army that invaded. Yesterday I mowed, front and back, and I must say, it rather looks like a lovely green carpet of grass out there.

Today begins the heat up for the summer here in North Texas - so I had to claim gardening victory before it all goes brown again! Gardening may figure prominently for me this month, not only do I need to begin the eradication of rebels in the flower beds, Katherine Tyrrell is studying Georgia O'Keeffe this month and I just can't resist joining in.

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