Monday, June 4, 2007

A Lily from the Garden

I naively decided to draw a lily from my garden...(here's where you start laughing)...because I thought it would be easier than copying a portrait. Well, it's not. In fact after an hour, I'm exhausted. I managed a petal and some very sad looking background. (OK, enough laughing).

I'm not sure whether I'll continue working on this or abandon it. The light of a new day should tell me that. But, I met the goal for the day, something in colored pencil. And, I am learning. It would be nice to leave you a little tidbit here, but honestly, it's more questions than answers for me at this point. Questioning is good though, helps me to read better when I get really stuck!

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ok, dispencer said...

thats a beuitiful picture! :)