Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Final on Ingres

Here is the final version of my dad and my eldest son. It's approximately 9 in x 11 in, graphite on bristol board coated with acyrlic paint. It marks the end of my Ingres study for April.

Things I learned from Ingres:
  • Subtle lines make a big impact
  • Hard pencils can go very dark on a coated paper
  • You can't choose how you will be remembered
Things I learned while studying Ingres:
  • Not accepting what other people appreciate about your art can make you appear cranky and ungrateful.
  • You can stop working on something if it isn't going well, but you might learn something if you persevere.
And finally, I'm very thankful for this blog. I could easily be swept away with "spring cleaning" projects around here and then I would be a very grumpy, overwhelmed woman all summer long.

Looks like the FineLine Artists Group Project for May is James Abbott McNeill Whistler.

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