Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ingres Final Project - WIP

That awkward post title is supposed to mean: this is my "final" for the Ingres project this month but it is not finished yet! :-) Anyway, this is from a reference of my dad showing my eldest how to write. My dad is a great crossword puzzler. I am a mediocre puzzler. So when he visits, we do the NY Times each day for fun. James was jealous that I was getting Grandpa's attention during these daily sessions - so he wanted his own puzzle to put letters in. And, of course, Grandpa needed to show him how to make the letters...

This is on bristol board, again coated in white acrylic paint. I certainly like the feel of it and the range of values that I can get from an H pencil on it. That bit of the table at the bottom came in so dark, I was really pleased with that. The paint also brings a nice texture to the work. I purposely slapped paint on this time - not worrying about direction or evenness.

I will try and locate some sort of coated paper (either called Ingres or not) during my next round of the art shops. And, I'll do a summary post on Ingres next time, with a final of the above work.

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