Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogging is good for you

This picture is not a good likeness and there is alot about it that jumps out at me as wrong. In fact, as I was working on it, I desperately wanted to stop. But the other part of my brain kept reminding me that I had nothing else to post today and that I don't want to get in the habit of neglecting posting (that leads to neglecting drawing!) So I kept going. And my marks became more furious and less thought out. This, of course, steered it further away from the original.

BUT, and here's where blogging regularly and feeling forced to put something up is good for you, I really liked how the values came in, how it all blended and came together in a stylistic sense. I feel like I learned something here:
  • Coated paper with a hard pencil brings a unique effect
  • I can build with quick hatching, but with a few more layers, it blends - nicely
  • As well, the above process does not "erase" individual marks (make them invisible) which is something I really like in art. (I like being reminded that I'm not looking at a photo.)
So, I'm glad that I had this blog post to make today - even if I feel a little embarrassed with the post. I think I learned something stylistically today. Hopefully I'll learn something more mechanically tomorrow! :-)

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