Monday, January 15, 2007

Back to Sargent

(Again, forgive the glare.) I've been dreading this portrait since I decided to work through this book. There is so much about it that shrieks "tricky" to me and not being particularly artistically clever, I felt doomed to failure.

In the original, she is looking rather askance at the viewer, from a slight elevation. She also looks rather regal in her attire. I have made her looking off in the middle distance, wrapped up in blankets with her chin tucked in. But, I didn't entirely fail, I did a better job with the values this time and if you just look at the eyes, the eyebrows look like she genuinely pulled them back. (When I first saw Sargent's drawing I wondered at how he could make the shadows on the eyelids darker and larger than the eyebrows and have it work.)

Enough said on that, I'm going to try and squeeze in another drawing for today!

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