Monday, January 15, 2007

Saturday's Portrait

I can't believe it, I managed to do another portrait this Saturday! This time it was from a magazine photo, a fellow who runs the German extension of the seminary my husband works at. (NB. There is a significant glare on this photo, but I just got tried of messing around with it.) Anyway, it is a fair likeness. I used the "scultping" sort of idea to manage myself. It seems to help me tremendously. However, I do tend to forget to push myself onto other areas and not get too zeroed in on any one detail before another. (The idea being to bring the whole thing together at one time, thus creating the illusive unity.) So, I think it suffers a bit from unevenness. Lastly, the man had obviously thinning hair on the top, I found no successful way of conveying that :-).

On the whole, I am seeing a good influence on my own work after spending so much time with Sargent's work!

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