Friday, March 8, 2013

Enough for You to Take Over 8/31

This sketch shows how little information a drawing needs for you to make sense of it. If the artist puts just enough clear info down, you as the viewer can supply the rest. Often the results are more satisfying then if the image was fully explained.

It's figuring out the right amount of information that's the trick.

In this sketch I have only placed blocks of even shadow, but that's enough, you can see the elegant shapes of the gazebo wall popping forward.

Daily Sketching Challenge - would love to have more participate.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the teachers in high school were always saying less is more, can't remember the name of the technique tho

i commented i would love to participate, but dont have the time :(

Rose Welty said...

I saw your comment Jen - you are doing alot of art right now and learning so much, it's fun to watch!