Friday, February 15, 2013

A Calm Quiet at the Sandburg Goat Barm

Peace at the Sandburg Goat Farm
colored pencil on paper
7in x 5in
copyright 2013 Rose Welty

In the last year I visited Carl Sandburg's home near Asheville NC. He was an American poet - I remember learning his poem "Fog" in grade school. His estate has extensive grounds. His wife raised championship goats - this goat barn continues to house descendants of her herds.

It was very peaceful the evening we walked around the grounds. The estate has many trees and walking paths - it gives you that lovely sense of gentle still air in a beloved forest.

This drawing reflects that sense of peace. I found a line in one of Sandburg's poems that I thought fit with what I was trying to achieve:

Almost we thought from nowhere but it was the silence,
the future, 
-- Carl Sandburg from "The Answer"


Magge said...

This is beautiful. The simple shapes and the tonal quality of the colors work together very well to create the sense of peace you're after.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Magge - i was hoping that, it's encouraging to hear!