Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Year End Review - 2012

This post will be a look at my year. But first, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to my buyers and collectors. I get such a thrill when I sell something, as well, it helps me to replenish stock and take on new ventures. It is a tremendous privilege to be an artist and your support makes it possible for me to continue doing it, so thank you from my heart.

Thank you to my loyal readers. You read my posts, comment and email me. It's an encouragement to get feedback and I learn from you as well. At times I have wondered if I am just speaking to no one and then one of you has piped up and it has kept me going!

I began the year with 3 aims - here's how I got on with them.

Continue developing my style

  • Produced 30 pieces of art, not including sketches
  • Tried out some new materials (inktense bars) 
  • Did trials with several palettes and color theories
  • Worked on portraits - sent out portraits of my sons for our Christmas card this year
  • Read 12 art books

Share my art

  • Shared my art via the iPad on my travels
  • Sent out postcards of my art, somewhat regularly
  • Handed out business cards
  • Gave out notecards as gifts
  • Revised my newsletter and sent out more than in previous years
  • Joined the local artists guild
  • Began engaging with fans on my Facebook page
  • Did some research on sharing my art
  • Did around 100 blog posts (about 2 a week)

Build my skillset

  • Became more comfortable using my camera in public
  • Took photos of a family for their Christmas card - which I didn't do a good job at, but I learned alot and will do better next time.
  • Designed a Christmas card for someone else - this came out wonderfully!
  • Formalized my processes for handling my art and selling it
  • Entered a competition

All in all, I wanted to grow more comfortable with my art, sharing it, and using my camera. I can definitely say that I have grown in those areas, so it's been a good year.

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