Monday, October 29, 2012

Casting About

The last few days I've been feeling rather adrift with my art. Nothing huge, just maybe unsure of what to do next.

My first instinct in such a situation is to find something to learn. My favorite venue for that is books - so I've been scouring the web and bibliographies for something new. Of course, the trouble is, I'm not that new at this and I already own most of the best books. (Although there are some on the wish list Honey :-).

Lest you ask, I have actually even read them all. But it never hurts to read a classic a few times. From experience, I know I can keep learning from these books. So, I'm dipping into Robert Beverly Hale again.

Above is a sketch after Daumier that I did this weekend. Daumier did this in his head, from his knowledge of horse and human anatomy. Rather impressive I'd say. Imagine being able to do that - have such a great understanding of anatomy and light that can you create accurate scenes in your head and translate them to paper. Before the invention of the camera, there was no other way!

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