Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dance of the Houseplant

Dance of the Houseplant
7in x 5in
colored pencil on paper
copyright 2012 Rose Welty
This plant sits right next to my kitchen sink. I look at it while I wash up each evening. For days a drawing has been forming in my mind - something a bit abstract - something that focuses on the amazing growth pattern of this plant - something that highlights the way your eyes move as you follow the light around the leaves. This drawing is very close to the image in my mind. This is what I see when I look at this plant - I'm somehow carried away by those leaves to a place of peace.

This plant was given to me several weeks ago. It was just a small little thing then, the plant is thriving and will have no problem covering my counter. As it was a gift, it's my response to the recent gift-themed art challenge.

Dance of the Houseplant is available for purchase. It is matted and ready for framing at 8in x 10in:

And because I just can't resist, here is the artwork with it's inspiration:

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