Friday, December 16, 2011

What Have I Done in 2011?

from September 2011
 2011 was not the year I expected, the game changed in January and life was entirely different. So, I'm going to give you my highlights and then, to be transparent, the goals I stated in December 2010.
Princess from Carlin Workshop
July 2011
My highlights from 2011:
  • 100 pounds lighter - that's 80 for Professor Incredible and 20 for me
  • 5 hours/week devoted to exercise - that's huge for two people who have been largely sedentary in recent years.
  • Gluten Free - my diet has had to become GF - I feel better than I have in years, really.
  • 1st public showing of my work - one piece in a group show, a great way to start.
  • Asked to demonstrate my CP technique to a group of CP artists - a real affirmation that I have developed a personal style that is working for me.
  • Entered a juried CP show - didn't get in, but got great feedback.
  • Regular Production - in the last quarter of the year I produced at least one new 5x7 piece a week and several larger ones - including two 11x14s.
  • Rhythm - I think I am finding a rhythm to how best to run my life with all of my responsibilities, that feels very good.
For A Moment
from November 2011

Below are my 2011 goals, in bold, and then how near or far I came to them.
  • 100 blog posts: I hit just over 70.
  • 12 Monthly newsletters: I did 3.
  • 10 Portfolio pieces: I did 9 pieces that I loved, half of which wouldn't be out of place in a portfolio, the others I love but are only 5x7.
  • Build my FB fans to 100: Currently at 64, which is +13.
  • Sell 5 packs of notecards: Sold 0.
  • Hand out 60 business cards: About 10.
  • Join my local CPSA chapter: Done and even gave a demo at a meeting.
  • Enter a piece in CPSA competition: No, but I did enter my first group show with my CPSA chapter.

All in all, this year wasn't what I planned for, but now I am very glad that I had the year I did - it was better than what I had planned.

Looking Back
from May 2011
Next time, my plans for 2012.

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