Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shining Bright, colored pencil drawing

Shining Bright
8in x 10in
colored pencil on paper
copyright Rose Welty

My son was in tears today.

Turns out he hasn't really understood the "reading music" part of his recorder class this year. He realized that he needs to be able to read the notes to progress to the next level (his test is next week). The longer he looked at it, the less sense it made.

You know, when you're 11 and you are taking piano lessons and your teacher tells you that you have to take regular music theory tests, you feel like it is an adult conspiracy to make music distasteful. You never guess that more than 25 years later, you are going to need that music theory in your back pocket - so you can pull it out and become a hero to your son.

Rarely in life is any learning ever wasted.


Jennifer Rose said...

that is great that you could help him :) it does prove that things you learn when you are younger you might need when you are older

Rose Welty said...

I'm not at all a musician, but I can read music. :D

Geoff Granfield said...

Hi there, I can certainly relate to where your son maybe coming from. I have a 5-year-old son myself and most of the passion he gets from his piano lessons, I take it that I give him enough exposure to available online elearning videos and other avenues on the web. Just keep telling your kid that it does take a lot of getting used to but before he knows it, he will be the cream of the crop. :) Cheers!