Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Working Out an Idea

Preliminary Sketch for an Upcoming Work
After my successful studio tidy, I couldn't wait to get busy on something new. The other night I sat down and started trolling through my reference library. I eventually came to some photos of my sons from a sketching trip we took one early summer morning. This was about my third sketch - with each sketch I was getting more ideas about cropping, orientation, where problems might exist, and the feeling I want to give the piece.

Some of you have heard me mention on my Facebook fan page that I am going to be part of an upcoming group show in Raleigh.  The show is a collection of nature-inspired works from my local CPSA chapter. They are a fantastic group of talented people - we have a new website, so be sure to click that link and check them out.


Teresa Mallen said...

Well the sketch looks terrific so you are off to a great start! :-)

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Teresa!