Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 2009 Goals

Quick Sketch during Story Time

My goals for the month:
  • Complete 4 paintings.
  • Complete 10 sketches.
  • Complete 1 self-portrait (for the portrait group).
  • Participate in the VSD.
  • Write a review of Harold Speed's Oil Painting Book (yeah! one book from the list!)
  • Experiment with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Learn two new things on the camera.
I may also throw in some blog/website rethink/redesign.


Jo Castillo said...

You are doing great. Nice sketch. Who was reading if you were sketching? Hmmm.

Jeanette said...

I haven't gotten around to my month by month work plan quite yet. Yours isn't too strenuous. I think that is the secret.

Stacy said...

Good list for January Rose! I'm still working on my annual goals. Once they are done I'll break it down to monthly or weekly. I'll send them off to you as soon as I reach that point.

Nice sketch too. Does nap time follow story time?

My word verification for this comment is "prost" which is German for cheers. You can also say "prost Neujahr" which means Happy New Year - how appropriate!

Rose Welty said...

Jo, hubby was reading. We usually read a story out loud to the boys at night. This night was The Hobbit.

Jeanette, that's the secret...make it easy enough to do but hard enough to feel like an accomplishment and just keep moving!

Stacy, I'll look forward to the goals. There are several story times throughout the day, but this was a night one. Yes, he looked very close to sleep.

Paula Pertile said...

I love this sketch Rose!

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Paula!