Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Statistics Are Useful and Popular Posts

ear study...seemed rather appropriate for this post

As I'm "on vacation", I thought I'd give a reminder of some of my most popular posts.

To find the popular posts, I used my statistics tools...which brought to mind some thoughts on stats...

When I first began blogging I thought that statistics were only for bloggers who were trying to make money from ad clicks.

But as I've blogged for longer, I have found statistics useful, here's how:
  • You know how people found your blog.
  • You know what keywords bring people to you.
  • You know what your most popular posts are.
  • You know how many people come to your blog on any given day.
  • And, my personal favorite, when you are having a down day, sometimes, you can check your stats and be pleasantly surprised - and greatly encouraged!
And here are some of my most popular posts:


Jo Castillo said...

You are right, we listen to you! Thanks for the reminder to check these posts again.

Rose Welty said...

Jo, you should know better than to listen to me ;D

The ear was meant that I listen to you! :D

Teresa said...

Ah, I well remember the "Why you should have an art blog" posts... I do believe they were responsible for starting at least one blog that I know of.... MINE! Thanks a bunch.... you are such an inspiration.

jan said...

I've just read "Stop dreaming and Start Doing" on Empty Easel. Great advice! I'll keep looking for more of your articles.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I totally agree about the value of stats.

Incidentally, I've got those first three as links in my Blogging for Artists site