Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Review of November 2008 Goals

I'm still "on vacation", but just thought I'd pop in and say hello! I've managed about 3 sketches so far...but I'm having a wonderful time!

Below are my goals for November with a blurb about how I did with them.

  • Add to sales blog every Monday, Wednesday Friday - I did this pretty much, until I went on vacation.
  • Revise article draft - I did this, submitted the article and it was published on Empty Easel.
  • Start newsletter - I did this, had some nice feedback on it.
  • Daily Inks - 5 per week - Production slowed down here.
  • Oils/Acrylics - 2 paintings - I did accomplish two paintings in acrylics.
  • Finish book on color in painting - Didn't finish this book, but did start another! Focus, focus.
  • Write a review - As I didn't finish, I haven't written a review. But, I do have a post started based on the second book I started.
All in all, a busy month in which I didn't expect to get much done anyway. I'll have a think about December and let you know soon.

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