Monday, October 13, 2008

Studio Cleanout and Looking Back

Sketches from 1998-1999

This weekend, in preparation for some new things, I decided to clean out and reorganize my studio. In the end, I got rid of one garbage bag of stuff and moved one box of old sketchbooks upstairs. (And now I've got a good handle on where everything is and what supplies I have, yeah!)

Of course I couldn't resist the urge to flip through the sketchbooks. According to my sketchbooks, I started up my art again in May 2006 after a break of five to six years. Above you see a CP piece I did in 1998 and a pen and ink piece I did in 1999. The CP piece I did from a sketch I made on location in Oxford (clearly, this is before I knew they wrote books on how to use CPs.) The pen and ink sketch was when I was working through Arthur Guptill's Rendering in Pen and Ink.

How very interesting to look back...the Oxford sketches bring back such wonderful memories. I've also just realized that this CP piece was the one that made me decide that color was not my strong suit and I should focus my attention on drawing with graphite and pen and ink. And for the extremely curious...I did that piece with a 10 piece set of Spectracolor pencils. I still have the set and have used them this year! I bought them when I was in high school, for $20, which for me as a high schooler was a huge amount of money. As they still work now, I'd say they were a great investment.


Jennifer Rose said...

its always interesting to go through old art and see how you have changed. I took a big break from art too and now I'm just getting back to the level I was at when I stopped. I still have the sets of Prismas I bought when I was 13. 14 years ago! o.0

Jo Castillo said...

This is cool. You have certainly grown in your knowledge and technique.