Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big, Bigger, and Biggest News!

Big News:

  • Today is International Artist Day. The idea behind the day (which is Picasso's birthday) is to encourage people to take time to support artists. Artists make it their life's passion to bring you beauty, humor, thoughtfulness, emotion, etc, why not take some time today to support one of them?
  • And of course, now you are wondering what you could do...take an artist out for coffee, visit a museum, babysit the kids of an artist mom you know...or, of course, buy some original art. And that leads me on the bigger news...
Bigger News:
  • New website - I have created a new website, It is a gallery of my work, updated and expanded to include new work. And that leads me on to the biggest news...
Biggest News:
  • Artwork for Sale - I have begun a new blog, I have had such a positive response over my "daily inks" that I have decided to make them available for sale. You can see all the specifics over on the new blog, but essentially I have the ink drawings for sale for $25 including shipping to the US. For now, if anyone overseas is interested in purchasing my work, please contact me via email (it's in the sidebar of either blog).
  • I will be putting new art up for sale every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
This is truly a thrilling moment for me as an artist, and a wonderful way for me to spend my first International Artist Day. I have spent countless hours organizing and preparing for this over the last several weeks, hence the shorter posts you've seen on this blog. I apologize for that, I should be getting back to my usual art history, modern techniques, book review writing self very soon.

Finally, I need to give a shout out to Stacy of Stop and Draw the Roses. Stacy is launching her own sales blog today. She and I teamed up over email to get each other through this process, I am so thankful for her friendship. She's been a great source of information, reminders, and encouragement.


Jennifer Rose said...

your site looks good. Nice layout and easy to navigate :)

Jeanette said...

Wonderful news! I know you'll enjoy the experience and making your work available to the world will give you even more exposure. Well done!

Stacy said...

Great announcement Rose! We did it!! Thanks for all your help. Your new blog and website look wonderful. :)

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Yay Rose!
The blog looks great.
I love the banner!

Teresa Mallen said...

Congratulations Rose! You have done a fantastic job on your new blog and your website. Your art looks absolutely wonderful, and as has already been said, you have created a nice layout and navigating is easy. Pat yourself on the back girl, everything is terrific!!

Rose Welty said...

Thanks everyone! It's a little scary putting yourself out there, but, I hope, worth it in the end.

Thanks again, it really does mean alot to me!

southernlights said...

Hi Doing anything special for International Artist day Oct 25 this year 2011 Good luck Chris MacClure