Friday, October 17, 2008

After Degas and the VSD

After Degas

Hey Gang!

Yesterday was one of those rough days as a mom...I'll spare you the gory details. So, last night I just took comfort in one of those beautiful Degas dancer drawings, you see my version above. I remember seeing an exhibit of his drawings as an early teenager...I think it was at the Huntington Library. I remember being struck with all those dancers - I think the fact that I saw so many in one place (drawings, statutes, etc) helped make the impression.

Just a reminder that the VSD reference went up today. The sign-up is a little different than previous months. You just leave a comment on that post with the reference when you've posted your image on your blog. Putting a link in your comment to your post is recommended - there won't be a post of links on Sunday, everyone will use the comments on the reference post as their guide to seeing all the images! As the VSD has grown, it is just getting to be too much work to create that list post. And thanks to Belinda for the image and Jeanette for handling the admin this month.


Jo Castillo said...

Great sketch and thanks for the reminder on the VSD. I remembered to subscribe tonight. Jeepers, I'm dense.

Valerie Jones said...

Sorry you had a bad "mom" day. I can sympathize.

I have to pass on the VSD this month. Life has been extra hectic lately.