Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Where You Want: Inspiration

work in progress, water lilies

This is the third post in a series (here and here) on balancing a busy life and still achieving what you want.

In the previous two posts I've talked about being organized and being efficient - both good things. But, life still happens, you still get tired, there are days when "pushing through" seems just too hard. What do you do on days like that?
Well, you need an inspiration page (in your notebook if you took my advice in the first post. :D)

Art Inspiration Page
- I have a list of certain paintings/drawings that have inspired me to be a better artist. Some of them just flat out blew me away and I want to achieve something like that. Some of them are where a famous artist began and remind me that we all start somewhere (even one that reminds me we all have bad days.)

Household Inspiration Page - I have a list of quotes or events that help me remember why it is important for me to care about the mundane unending list of household chores. For example: I read a story about a woman who was able to invite family to come stay with her when there was an unexpected death in the family because she always keeps her house clean - I have that written down because I would really like to be able to invite people to my home at the drop of a hat, especially when they need it. I have quotes from famous men about how important their mothers were to them - this helps when my children forget to be thankful.

When you find you are losing steam, go have a look at your inspiration page and remember why you are trying so hard and what is at stake.


Ann said...

This is a wonderful series of posts. You have given me some good ideas and your drawing is beautiful!

Rose Welty said...

Thanks Ann!

Teresa said...

Hi Rose,

Your posts have been great! Such helpful, inspirational info... thanks for sharing.

Jo Castillo said...

Well, Rose, you know you are my inspiration and your blog is my inspiration page. Thanks.