Monday, August 4, 2008


This post is about a few new things with me and with the Virtual Sketch Date.

This is a busy time of year for me...I have several DIY projects going on, in an attempt to have things together before the start of school and the start of...well...I won't reveal that just yet. But, rest assured, I have some very exciting things in the works for my art, I'll be letting you know soon.

I will try and get a few sketches posted, but I may be a little scarce...there are benches to paint, bookshelves to assemble, a chair to purchase, table tops to restore, and maybe even some decorating to be done in the kitchen...good fun of a different sort!

Three news items on the Sketch Date:

I've added subscription buttons to the sidebar on VSD, so you can now subscribe to find out what's happening over there.

The VSD reference for August will be posted on August 22nd. The actual sketch date is on the 30th, a week later.

To simplify things, we are going to continue the trend of having the sketch date during the last week of the month. So the sketch date will generally be on the last Saturday of the month, the reference will come out about a week before.


Jo Castillo said...

Well, as you guessed, this has made me curious. Tap, tap, tap, go the fingers while waiting. :)

Rose Welty said...

Sorry Jo, but your summer needed a little drama didn't it? :D

It's not all that dramatic, but it feels that way to me.