Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Studio Move and Portrait Update

** Updated with larger pictures of the studio. **
This post contains a picture of my relocated studio and an update on the portrait I've been doing this week.

Above you see where I've gotten to with the portrait of Jeanette that I've been doing. It's better, although I think it could still use some work, but it's close.

Below you see some photos of my studio relocated to another room. It was in the corner of the bedroom, it is now in the front room of the house by the bay windows. It certainly is more spacious! The price of that space is a measure of privacy, but I am still very happy with the move. (It's no small thing to move those desks and shelves - I found some books that I had forgotten about - so it suddenly seems as those I have new stuff! :D


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Bigger pictures please!

Nice set-up - but I'm puzzled by where you put your pencils when you're working.

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

The portrait is coming along nicely. :)
Yay for more space! That light looks wonderful!

Stacy said...

The portrait of Jeanette looks lovely. You definitely have the likeness. And your new studio space looks roomy and bright. My space is in my bedroom like yours was. Someday when the kids outgrow their playroom I'll take over that space, but that day is years away. Until then I will just drool over other people's studios.

Rose Welty said...

Katherine - Bigger pictures added this morning. I'm thinking about revamping the pencil situation. I'd like to get another set or two of drawers and have all the pencils in the drawers, then put the ones I'm working with in the little tube thing (middle of center shelf in second picture). Recently I have just been writing down what I use and so put them away at the end of each session.

Kasie - thanks for the encouragement. Yes, more space is good and the light is nice (feels less like a hole). I just hope that having it in the center of the house isn't a problem! :)

Stacy - thanks for your thoughts on the portrait. The new studio is bright and roomy. The sun pours in those windows in the morning so it can get very hot! When my boys are older I may relocate upstairs and have a dedicated room, but for now I need to be able to monitor more closely. :D

Susan Carlin said...

It's nice to be able to picture you where you work, Rose. The portrait is looking GREAT.

Valerie Jones said...

The portrait is looking wonderful! Good work, Rose! Enjoy your new space!

Jo Castillo said...

Your portrait looks swell, I recognized Jeanette! Congratulations on the new space!