Monday, June 16, 2008

Pear Blossoms and Process

Pear Blossoms
7 in x 5 in, colored pencil on Stonehenge Paper

This post shows my most recent piece and gives an explanation of my process.

With this piece I tried on a new process...
  • Took a long time over the preliminary drawing, making sure it was right instead of thinking "I'll correct that later."
  • Did three different color "studies" (laid tracing paper over the drawing and colored it loosely)
  • Solicited advice from my Fine Art Friends about what colors they saw in the reference
  • Thought about the advice I received and how the color studies looked (very good advice ladies, thank you!)
  • Transferred the drawing to the final support, carefully
  • Laid in an initial two layers of background (sky in this case) - (Belinda, I hope you are proud!)
  • Moved from top left to bottom right over the piece, doing the initial layers on the blossoms, then adding layers to the surrounding background, then finishing the blossoms.
  • Tried to be very light, gentle and slow in using the CPs.
In other words, I tried very hard to be patient, knowing that CPs are not a fast medium (at least for those who are fairly new to them.) It took me a week to do this, unusual for me with such a small piece. If I continue with this process I will be posting more sketches! (Sketches seem to be happening alot recently...particularly as the neighborhood seems to gather and let the children play in the evenings...drawing and monitoring children can happen at the same time. :D)


Teresa said...

Rose, your Pear Blossoms are gorgeous!! They're so soft and rich. Looks like your "new process" is a winner!

Paulette said...

Your patience has paid off. It has a nice soft subtle look to it. Well done!

Jennifer Rose said...

congrats on finishing a very nice piece of artwork :)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Really nice Rose and i am glad you did the background *grins* How did it work for you ?
I have found myself recently that i need to remember that cp do really take a long long time.. just to be patient :) You do really learn alot from doing it :)

Jeanette said...

Beautiful blossoms Rose! Yes, cp does take time but its well worth the effort as your drawing shows.

Rose Welty said...

Thanks everyone! Without this blog and it's encouraging readers...I don't know where I'd be.

Belinda - yes, the background (at least a few layers, maybe not the whole thing) should always come first. When I start, I always have ideas about the subject and am afraid that I will lose them - but this time, I just wrote them all down in the color studies so I didn't have to worry. :D

Valerie Jones said...

OUTSTANDING, ROSE! I think you are on the right track with your cp's. Patience, my dears, patience.

Ann said...

Beautiful piece!