Friday, March 28, 2008

Motivation for Uber-Nerds

My Constant Companions
copyright Rose Welty
colored pencil on Ingres paper
(note that this was done from life, without my glasses on!)

I think I can finally declare myself an uber-nerd. Tell me what you think after you hear this true story.

The other day I was thinking of shirking the daily exercise routine on the elliptical. (OK, that's making me sound better than I am: I am trying to get into a daily habit of working off the pounds on the elliptical, I'm nowhere near daily yet. Perhaps ten times in the last few weeks.) But then I remembered, the Holbein book.

I've been treating myself to a read of my new book only when I am exercising. So, I quick changed my clothes and happily hopped on and went to sweating. As I got off later, disappointed that I had to stop reading and gawking and start stretching, I realized it. What sort of nerd are you if you motivate yourself to exercise by reading art history? Not even with a musical backdrop, just flat out reading. That, my friends, is an uber-nerd for you.

Even after this revelation and noting the social impacts, I was disappointed to realize that I have finished the Holbein book. Thankfully, I've got a few more of those "can't put it down" art history books waiting for me and the elliptical!

Have a good weekend everyone, whatever your reading pleasure!


Jeanette said...

You comments make me smile.

I am steeling myself to get back into the exercise routine of the treadmill or elliptical. I use an iPod, listening to podcasts on art and knitting!

Move over for your northern ubernerd kiddo!

Rose Welty said...

Jeanette, you make me laugh! I've done a small bit of knitting, but I can never stay with it long enough to remember what I'm doing. And now my spare moments are all sucked into the art/blog world.

I have an MP3 player, but find that it just distracts me from reading! I'm not hip enough for podcasts.;-)