Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Still Playing Around

This is tonight's effort on the DS. Hmm, not thrilled with it. A few interesting problems cropped up, things to ponder over as I crawl into bed:
  • that red soil just doesn't look right - the texture isn't there, but I also think that the interaction with the greens is creating a problem.
  • I pepped up the color of the distant mountains (thinking about the red issue), that wasn't a successful fix
  • there is difficulty here with distance
Thanks to Susan Borgas for yet another reference photo.


Valerie Jones said...

I'm liking your new gift!!!

Jo Castillo said...

I love your new gift, too. You should tone down the value in the mountains and grass I think. Also the water lines aren't straight so the water bows up, does that make sense? So the painting looks sort of round.

What a fun toy, though. I like drawing digitally.